Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lighting Design Academy invites Ruairí O'Brien to give Masterclass

I am looking foward to my visit to the Lighting design academy in Amersfoot, Holland later this month where I have been invited to give a MASTERCLASS on lighting design in the city.
During my stay I will be giving two classes.

The first will be based on a class I developed for the Architectural Lighting Design Masters program at the university of Wismar in Germany, where I taught light and architecture from 2001 until 2005. I called this "The Cube", a simple lighting study with a box that demonstrates how light can create space both inside and outside the cube. Students learn about the characteristics of daylight and artificial light as they manipulate the cube and its openings in dialogue with a chosen light source. With this simple exercise beginners and experts can discover or rediscover the joy of the unending possibilities lighting design offers in both theory and practice.

The second will a class for professionals on urban planning and lighting design.

Every city is unique. The lighting master plan of a city begins with the analysis of the character of the city in question. This includes the careful observation of the day and night atmosphere of a city and the influence’s the changing activities and needs of its citizens, its business and fun sectors has on its overall attractiveness. What is the history of the city? How is a city "used" by its population? What is the cities vision for the future? These are just a few examples of the questions that should be discussed when searching for the appropriate lighting masterplan for a city. In the masterclass we will discuss the importance of understanding the underlying “identity” of a city in its poetic and urban structure before one can develop a lighting masterplan. We will also discuss lighting concepts and masterplans that have been executed, the methodology involved and the technology used to achieve them. 
The title Urban Poetika is taken from an ongoing project that I presented at the Luminale in Frankfurt am Main in 2010 and again in 2012. www.lichtmasterplan-poetika.de  

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